Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Recently, I helped my sister throw a killer baby shower. We are both very crafty little ladies, well, she's not that little right now!LOL!!! (Luv ya sis!) 

Any whoo.. we had these great vases that we made for the desert table and for the guest centerpiece tables. 

 Really nice right?
 I thought so, and so did our guests who were clamoring to take home vases as party favors even though we had actual favors already, I'll show you pictures of those too because they had rhinestone ribbon too. 

Since we had plenty of vases, and since we were the hostesses with the mostessess, we said  " why not!" Making them was super easy.
 Here's a list of everything you'll need to make your own elegant Blingy vases: 
    1.Vases: we got ours for $1 each  from Dollar Tree in a case of 12. 

   2. Rhinestone Ribbon: not really rhinestone, but it looks like it, very cool stuff. You want the 24 row kind. It can be easily cut to the size you need. we got it for $8.75 on eBay

  3. Glue Gun and Glue Sticks: we used a low heat glue gun (because I am scared of them and don't like to burn my fingers!) Purchased from Michaels . You can't purchase it online you have to go in the store, but you can get a glue gun anywhere!

That's it!. Now just use your imagination or copy mine. 

Cut your rhinestone ribbon and put glue on the back. You can tell the back from the front because the back of the ribbon is flat and not shiny like the front.

Carefully place your ribbon where you want it on the vase and press lightly. 
It dries almost instantly and, Voila~~ You have lovely custom rhinestone vases.

Life is good when things are pretty easy;  these vases are both!

By the way, I made the Diaper Motorcycle with the Diaper Baby Rider too. Maybe I will do a tutorial on that later on... 

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